Looking forward, looking up, looking down

We’ve just returned from a few days in Portsmouth. Karen mostly worked (painting, wallpapering) but we had time to explore some more.

Bath SquareOld Portsmouth Harbour (2 of 5)

Looking upOld Portsmouth Harbour (1 of 5)Old Portsmouth Harbour (3 of 5)

Looking down: a swan has made its next just in front of our flat. You can see the two eggs at the bottom left of the photo below. They’re better protected when the tide is low. Old Portsmouth Harbour (4 of 5)

Of course we had to spend some time just watching the sea traffic.Old Portsmouth Harbour (1 of 1)

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Portsmouth phase 2

As some readers will know we’ve recently purchased a flat in Camber Dock, Old Portsmouth. It’s not totally wheelchair accessible yet, but I can get by for a couple of nights. We arrived the other day and, as luck would have it the weather was kind to us.

Our location is facing the dock and so the view is ever changing with the tide and type of craft present, as the dock is home to fishing boats, pleasure craft and working tugs and craft. Here’s a night and day view.

Spinnaker Quay phase 2 (1 of 7)

We spent a little time sorting things out but as the weather was so good most of time was spent outside enjoying it. The time passed quickly, partly because of the ever changing view. Spinnaker Quay phase 2 (3 of 7)Spinnaker Quay phase 2 (4 of 7)Spinnaker Quay phase 2 (5 of 7)Spinnaker Quay phase 2 (6 of 7)Spinnaker Quay phase 2 (7 of 7)

There’s quite a lot of variety very local to us: Camber Dock, Gunwharf Quay, Clarence Parade, with its funfair as well as the  usual things like the beach and associated attractions. Of current interest is the BAR team’s headquarters for the 35th America’s Cup. In fact I don’t think we’ve explored one percent of the place yet. Anyway all to soon it was time to head back to Beckenham with one last view from the front.

Spinnaker Quay phase 2 (1 of 1)

I suppose we betting start thinking of furnishing the place…..

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Karen working

Making a new home…untitled-2830

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The wheel slowly turns: phase one complete

We collected the keys to our new flat yesterday. The views weren’t too bad at all…

A couple of views from the balconySpinnaker Quay (4 of 4)Spinnaker Quay (2 of 4)

Another view from over the roadSpinnaker Quay (3 of 4)

So that’s phase one complete. Now we have to make the flat accessible. Thankfully there isn’t too much to do apart from some work in one bathroom and some decoration. Now phase 2 begins….

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Collaboration Oxfordshire Artweeks

A colleague of mine – Rhiannon Evans – is running an event in May that’s about birthdays. Anyone can join in – see here – and the brief is wide:

A playful exploration of birthdays: real and imagined, near and far; past, present and future – all from my front room (-ish).
The Birthday will reference our common experiences of exchange and celebration. Bring along party games and toys, or memorabilia.
Embrace the coincidences and paradoxes of a local life in our global village.
Share your ideas on ‘what art is?’ in today’s society and make ‘art’ together over a cup of tea and birthday cake.
Reminisce – fast forward – and join the party!

So I’ve sent Rhi two images. One I can’t show yet as its for my eldest son’s birthday, but the other is shown below and entitled No More Birthdays.

Nomore birthdays (1 of 1)

The images was taken just after dad died on June 8th last year. He was 88 and I think the photo speaks of the long life lived because of the photos on the wall. Indeed is seems as though dad’s almost looking back at his life lived in the images.

But maybe this is too macabre for the show….

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Panorama, Landscape and Portrait

We visited Seven Sisters Country Park yesterday. It was partly accessible via a pathway – but boy did I get chalky! (Click on the images to see them full size.)

Seven Sisters (1 of 3)Seven Sisters (2 of 3)Seven Sisters (3 of 3)

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Sunday bloody Sunday

The tall ships have been visiting Greenwich this past weekend as part of the start of the Rendez-Vous 2017 Tall Ships Regatta. So given that it’s only a few miles away we decided to have a look.

Greenwich was full up so we drove to the Peninsula by the Greenwich Dome and that gave us ample viewing points. (Click on the image to see it full size).

Tall Ships (2 of 6)

The ships ranges from Thames Barges to four-masted schooners – and everything in-between.

Tall Ships (3 of 6)

Tall Ships (5 of 6)

Tall Ships (4 of 6)

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