When dad died aged 88 in June 2016 I took the 15 family albums home with me. These albums document some aspects of mum and dad’s lives.  The first photo dates from about 1900 and the last 2010. Accordingly this blog was set up primarily to be a photographic record of my parent’s photos covering that period. But time moves on and rather than set up a separate blog I have adapted this site to be the home from all of my online photographic ponderings these can be loosely categorised as follows.

Images from my parent’s family albums. This is largely complete as of 2017.

365 and related Ponderings. I am planning to begin a year long daily shoot December 1st 2017.

Posts and images that don’t fit into any of the above. These are categorised under the term Miscellaneous

There is also a link to other websites that I have created when the subject matter is discreet.

Enjoy (or even better, engage).

Peter Mansell (anomiepete)