Boy jumps off parapet and no one stops him

… and why should they when he’s having so much fun!HMS-Excellent-3.jpg

Old Portsmouth Hotwalls was busy even though the school holidays have ended. Lots of ships and boats and, as can bee seen from above, youngsters enjoying jumping into the sea.

The weekend was a Heritage one and so  we chose to visit HMS Excellent on Whale Island. Old Gunnery Instructor salts walked us around and talked us through its history. This was good for Karen as her great uncle spent some time there as part of his 22 year navy service that included being on the HMS Superb at the battle of Jutland.


Of course, we also wandered around the docks, and because we do it so often now I tend to see more detail. For example, some areas of Camber dock get clogged with flotsam and jetsam the stuff doesn’t move until the ship casts off.



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  1. I’m loving your version of the foot selfie, Pete!

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