Gunmen in Portsmouth

As I wheeled across Guildhall Square in Portsmouth yesterday I saw a man crouched over a machine gun. He was quite hidden and under the trees in the far corner of the square, just between the Guildhall (built 1890) and the massive glass fronted City council offices. I wanted to investigate.


There were two single machine gunners. They looked slightly larger than life size and sat protecting a wall of names.Guildhall-3

The memorial could easily be missed as even though its large, it is bounded by a railway line, the guildhall, Council offices and the back of shops and so there is only a small opening on the corner of the square that alludes to its presence.


The memorial does not honour any particular corps, squadron or regiment. Rather it honours the role of Portsmouth Citizens who served in any of the three branches of the armed serviced and who paid the intimate price. One side of the central column honouring a particular Service branch with a relief.  Guildhall-4

We spent some time there. Karen found a number of family names that she will look up to see whether they are her kin.

We then re-entered 2017 and shopped in Commercial Road. I know which part of the day I preferred.


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  1. Catherine says:

    I guess it depends what you bought – or spent!

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