Collaboration Oxfordshire Artweeks

A colleague of mine – Rhiannon Evans – is running an event in May that’s about birthdays. Anyone can join in – see here – and the brief is wide:

A playful exploration of birthdays: real and imagined, near and far; past, present and future – all from my front room (-ish).
The Birthday will reference our common experiences of exchange and celebration. Bring along party games and toys, or memorabilia.
Embrace the coincidences and paradoxes of a local life in our global village.
Share your ideas on ‘what art is?’ in today’s society and make ‘art’ together over a cup of tea and birthday cake.
Reminisce – fast forward – and join the party!

So I’ve sent Rhi two images. One I can’t show yet as its for my eldest son’s birthday, but the other is shown below and entitled No More Birthdays.

Nomore birthdays (1 of 1)

The images was taken just after dad died on June 8th last year. He was 88 and I think the photo speaks of the long life lived because of the photos on the wall. Indeed is seems as though dad’s almost looking back at his life lived in the images.

But maybe this is too macabre for the show….


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South Londoner struggling with life, art and photography.
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