Dad’s legacy

Today wasn’t the best day to be booked into Wellington Barracks and the Guards Museum. It was only the day after the terrorist atrocity at the Palace of Westminster and so much of the area was prohibited to cars and security tight.  But the appointment had been made, parking booked and so we went ahead just leaving home a little early. 

Wellington Barracks (2 of 4)

I parked on The Square and was met my Colonel Duncan – my late dad’s association boss and Andrew Wallis, the museum curator. Dad had left the museum his unique collection of model Grenadier Guards each in a different order of dress throughout the regiment’s 360 year history and I’d been invited up to see the collection on show. Impressive it was too!

Wellington Barracks (1 of 4)

The models were arranged in date order and viewers could walk around them. The setting was excellent and dad would be chuffed if he could see them in situ.

Wellington Barracks (4 of 4)

Colonel Duncan and Andrew Wallis had laid on tea and sandwiches and so we ate and chatted after a tour of the museum. I hadn’t visited it for over 30 years and was astonished at the amount of artefacts and the quality of the exhibits given that this was a regimental museum rather than a national one.

All I have to do now is write my thank you letter – but I will do that tomorrow.

Dad in 1977 painting his solders.


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  1. Catherine says:

    Wonderful to see it all in place.

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