Dying, and dying with excitement

Recently I’ve been suffering with eye infections, colds and the dreaded return of bleeding and so I have felt low and rotten. Karen has not been well either. But in the midst of this we have been progressing with the purchase of our flat in Portsmouth and visited yesterday to measure up.

Spinnaker Quay (15 of 17)

The weather was kind to us and this view is about 200 foot from our flat. We are just opposite a place called Hotwalls and our flat faces Camber dock. We inspected it. The view isn’t bad.

Spinnaker Quay (12 of 17)

It’s just by Ben Ainslie’s BAR set up – this gives you an overview of the area and the red line marks our place.

Spinnaker Quay (1 of 1)

So we’re very excited and dying to get in. Spring seems to be springing, if you take the Cathedrals gardens to be an indicator, and I hope to put our winter woes behind us soon.

Spinnaker Quay (16 of 17)


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3 Responses to Dying, and dying with excitement

  1. Catherine says:

    I hope the weather improves soon and that, hopefully, your health might improve as well. Is this going to be a permanent move Pete or a holiday home?

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    • anomiepete says:

      We’ve no plans to sell our current home yet Catherine but if all goes well then we might end up relocating. However by doing things this way we can see whether we would actually like to live full time there and I can take time to make things accessible.


  2. Catherine says:

    That’s a very sensible approach to it all. Enjoy the exploring.

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