Keeping pace…

Pacemaker (1 of 1)

On April 29th 2016 I had a pacemaker fitted because doctors found that I had complete heart block.  You can see the day’s experience represented here. Since then I have been back to hospital (for this particular ailment) twice to have the pacemaker’s effectiveness monitored. The last of these was yesterday and I came home with yet another piece of medical hardware: an external monitor (shown above).

This is good. It means that I will only need to go to the hospital once a year for monitoring as 90 percent of the monitoring can be achieved via the above device offering the service remotely.

So next July 12th I will plug the device in and follow its instructions. I am told it should only take 5 minutes whereas todays visit took 2 hours (travel 30 minutes x 2; finding suitable parking 20 minutes; waiting 30 minutes; monitoring 10 minutes).



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