Stadium, Punctum, Spectacle, discourse

I received an email from Elizabeth letting me know that now the Open Collage of Arts is merging with the University of the Creative Arts its association with the Big Issue in The North will come to an end, and so the opportunity to show images in the publication also ends.

I’ve been lucky enough to have six images selected to be shown in the magazine over the past few years and it was because of this Elizabeth suggested I might want to submit one last time. However instead of submitting one image I sent her four with this thinking behind the submissions.

The first image I selected because it is recent, taken a couple of weeks ago at Wakehurst in Sussex. The grounds are lovely and I felt the image created them as a spectacle. untitled-1140408-Edit

The next image was taken two days ago and is at the other end of the photographic spectrum. It shows my late dad’s house for sale. (We cleared it out last week and it is being put up for sale with week). Accordingly this photo offers nothing spectacular, but holds a lifetime of memories for me and so pricks my emotions. untitled-2643-Edit

The next image is a little older and recognises the passing of time and that’s partly why I included it. But there was a second reason: my photography degree didn’t just teach me about taking photos. It offered me a way to also read and organise visual imagery and I felt this diptych spoke to that. 

Dad Dad-Edit

But in the end Elizabeth selected the last image I sent her. This collage shows a range of my work over the past six years. I think she made the right choice as this image speaks of the experience the Open College of Arts offers as well as working purely aesthetically as a picture.

Linksite collage


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South Londoner struggling with life, art and photography.
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