Too many goodbyes?

We had dad’s house cleared yesterday. I say dad’s house although we moved in as a family in 1964, I left home in 1982, mum lived there until her death in 2014 and dad died there on June 8th this year – some 52 years later. But the house had changed since mum died. The vibrancy she brought to it through lots of little things (flowers, cooking) were gone.

The process of saying goodbye seems so much longer with dad than with mum. I think this has a lot to do with him being the last parent alive and so all the major administration followed his demise. When mum died we didn’t have to do anything much regarding her estate whereas with dad there has been a great deal to do.

Here is the first photo I have of Beck Lane: Jim, me, Tina (our new next door neighbour) and Steve are sitting in our new back garden in June 1964.1964 06 00 Jimmy Peter Tina & Steve. Beck Lane_edited-1

Now here is the house in 1991 – full of grandchildren and life.1991 07 21 All at Beckenham

And here it is today. Empty (but echoing of all those past memories).59 Beck Lane (1 of 3)59 Beck Lane (2 of 3)59 Beck Lane (1 of 1)

Still soon it will be ready for another chapter with a new set of people to make their memories in. Goodbye 59 Beck Lane, and for one last time, bye bye dad and mum.


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6 Responses to Too many goodbyes?

  1. Very touching Peter. Funny just clearing mums house and am going to exactly what you’ve done. I plan to spend a day getting the different light.

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  2. Catherine says:

    Lump in my throat. It’s hard having to say good-bye.

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  3. Sylvia Griffiths was Wakley says:

    This brought tears to my eyes. Very sad to read this. I know how you feel doing this final task for your dear dad, as we felt the same way when we cleared mum’s house. My mum Ivy was Aunty Myrtle’s sister, and Harry, Archie and Dorothy my cousins. I only knew Harry in my childhood as my family moved up to Wrexham in Wales. He had just joined the Grenadier Guards, I think Harry was aged about 19 or 20 when we last saw him while we were on holiday in London. I was only a child of about 8 then. My thoughts and sympathies go with at this sad time. Take care…from cousin Sylvia Griffiths nee Wakley. xx

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  4. Sylvia Griffiths says:

    And I have still got photos etc which you and your dad sent me. I will treasure them! Thanks also Pete. xx


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