Don’t disrespect the Space


Here below is an email I sent to the Raum Gallery Committee this morning.

Hi all, 

I just wanted to write to thank you for last night’s private viewing. The experience was much more profound than I could have imagined and I wanted to explain why. 

At the end of the MA summer show Donald mentioned that it would be good to show the symbols I had created at the Raum Gallery and while I thought that a lovely idea I didn’t really understand what it could mean. Yet from the moment I turned up yesterday evening at 5pm to the point of leaving at 7, I was engaged in multiple conversations about the work on show, addressing issues such as how people receive and interpret it, and what they are trying to do in their work. This encompassed subjects such as the difference between impairment and disability, the political role of art as well as questions around form, function and media. Moreover the range of visitors was wide with students, artists (from all sorts of media) tutors and technicians as well as others from outside of the college visiting and chatting about the work in really meaningful ways.

So that little space inside Camberwell College became a rather wonderful place and time for me: I engaged intensively with a largely new audience with some comments helping me see the works in new ways and visitors  largely positive reactions offering me confidence as to its artistic value. 

Accordingly I see did not foresee the very real value the experience you afforded me and wanted to thank you for it. No body should ever disrespect a space no matter how small because the value is all about what we do with it and you’ve done a great job with the Raum Gallery. 



PS. I look forward to reading the comments book. 

Some photos both showing the space and some of the people (although I took too few photos due to chatting most of the time).

Looking one wayRAUM5-2

Looking the other wayRAUM5-3



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One Response to Don’t disrespect the Space

  1. Catherine says:

    I’m so pleased it went well for you.

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