SIX go to Oxford

I visited Oxford last weekend to see some colleagues and create a set of images about Oxford as part of the SIX collective (see here).

I drove up on the Saturday and we all met up that evening. SixOxford

I left about 9.30 though as I was knackered and needed to be up reasonably early to shoot a set of images. When thinking about what to shoot and the approach I should take it was easy to record some of the things about Oxford the come quickly to mind such as this type of image.


There were a few things to consider in deciding what to shoot and how to approach the processing: we were all tasked with producing a set of 10 to 16 images in 10 by 8 format. Moreover as there were six of us I didn’t know exactly what everyone else was going to shoot and so wanted to make sure my contribution offered something a bit different to the type of image above. So, after some research I landed upon the idea of visually countering the standard idea of Oxford’s dreaming spires by creating a set focused on the Blackbird Ley’s area. You can find a little about its history here. So here is my contribution: ten shots and one statement.

Blackbird Leys Oxford (1 of 11)Blackbird Leys Oxford (2 of 11)Blackbird Leys Oxford (3 of 11)Blackbird Leys Oxford (4 of 11)Blackbird Leys Oxford (5 of 11)Blackbird Leys Oxford (6 of 11)Blackbird Leys Oxford (7 of 11)Blackbird Leys Oxford (8 of 11)Blackbird Leys Oxford (9 of 11)Blackbird Leys Oxford (10 of 11)Blackbird Leys Oxford (11 of 11)

The weather was overcast on the day I took the photos and so I used this to give the lead to the approach I adopted in processing them. Originally I had planned to show the photos either in monochrome – to evoke a sense of documentary and emphasis on shape – or standard colour – so the processing would be inconspicuous and foster the idea that the viewer was present at the site. However in the end I decided to offer my interpretation of the place; hence the images are bright but a little grey and flat and without much colour.

I can’t wait to see my colleagues’ interpretations of the place.


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South Londoner struggling with life, art and photography.
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6 Responses to SIX go to Oxford

  1. Works well Pete….another Oxford…dreaming co-ops and cinemas!!

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  2. Catherine says:

    That link is really good for background – I’d forgotten about the Town and Gown actions that go way back. Your approach to the processing is a good choice I think and a real counterpoint to the City of Dreaming Spires. I’ll be interested to find out what the residents of Oxford’s namesake think of it – should be an eye-opener for them.
    Sorry I didn’t geet to see you.

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  3. anomiepete says:

    Thanks Catherine. I can’t wait to see everyone’s. Who came on Sunday?


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