First, last, earliest, latest

So I have completed photographing all the pages of my late parents photo albums and mused about them and what they say.

The first image in Album 1 was not the earliest image. Rather is was of dad on a recruiting drive in Leeds in 1948.

First (1 of 1)

The earliest image was this photo of my maternal granddad at an event around 1900.

Earliest (1 of 1)

The last image was, rather fittingly of one of the grandchildren in 2010.

Last (1 of 1)

Whereas the latest photo  was of dad and mum in October 2013 at the half moon pub in the Mile End Road, east London.

Latest (1 of 2)Latest (2 of 2)

The albums offer lots of other unwitting things about mum and dad’s lives as well providing a visual narrative. For example, they both were used to looking at printed photos and so even when mum switched to digital photography she still printed and mounted here photos. But sometime around 2008 when she was 80 she pretty well stopped and so the last album has some printed photos left in a pouch attached to the inside of the front cover (see below).

FA 15 Pages (1 of 59)

I’ve enjoyed photographing the set of albums and look forward to looking at some of the images in more detail in the future.


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South Londoner struggling with life, art and photography.
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