Album 1 Photo from 22 of 58

Here is granddad Dunbar at Crown Hill Barracks Plymouth about 1913. He is the man holding the Battalion colours in the rear rank.

1911 circaJLDunbarFA1P42

The reverse of the image.1911 circaJLDunbarFA1P42_0001

What is interesting about this photo is the difference in granddad’s apparent age to most of the other junior NCOs. He would be about 36 years old here and one would have expected him to have made a more senior rank by now as he joined 18 years prior to this photo. But he had a problem with drink as this page from his military record shows…

Item 1 4 1919 J Dunbar Service Record 4

Still, within a year he’d be in France….


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One Response to Album 1 Photo from 22 of 58

  1. Catherine says:

    It’s this kind of information that really brings family histories alive.

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