Album 1 Photos (12 of 58)

Palestine 1947, 3rd Battalion Grenadier Guards

1947PalestineHJLMansellFA1P21-Edit1947PalestineHJLMansellFA1P21_0002-Edit1947PalestineHJLMansellFA1P21_0001-Edit1947PalestineHJLMansellFA1P21_0003-Edit1947PalestineHJLMansellFA1P22-Edit1947PalestineHJLMansellFA1P21_0004-Edit1947PalestineHJLMansellFA1P22_00011947PalestineHJLMansellFA1P22_00021947PalestineHJLMansellFA1P22_00031947PalestineHJLMansellFA1P22_00041947at SeaHJLMansellFA1P22


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South Londoner struggling with life, art and photography.
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6 Responses to Album 1 Photos (12 of 58)

  1. Catherine says:

    It’s almost like a deja-vu because my dad was in the Army in Egypt after the war. I don’t think he was in Palestine, but seeing your dad in the sand like that makes me think of my dad.

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    • anomiepete says:

      Indeed Catherine. Given our history I am sure dad’s story will reflect a very common narrative. I’ve finished scanning the first album: over 500 photos!


      • Catherine says:

        It must have taken ages. What kind of scanner are you using? Actually I’ve found so far that re-photographing with my iPhone seems to produce better quality than scanning.


      • anomiepete says:

        I’m photographing the pages using a fixed four thirds camera and then once thats done taking each image out of the album and scanning it on an Canon MG6250 all in one scanner printer. Then if I want to work on any other than in Lightroom I create a copy in PSD format so its not lossy and work on that. (I shouldn’t moan about the lime it takes as its quite good at making me really look at each image.


  2. mongouk says:

    Hi there,

    I’ve just stumbled across your albums. The pictures resonated with me and also felt like de-ja vu.

    I’ve come to realise, that I may well have some in my collection, as I believe, in the top photo on this page, at the back, 3rd from the right, may well be my late grandfather, Tony Palmer.

    Would love to know if there are any named references on any of the photos. I shall try to get my hand on the pictures.


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    • anomiepete says:

      Hi Mongouk, and thanks for looking. I’m afraid that I don’t have any references to the backs of those photos. Only some of the formal ones have names on and there I haven’t found a T Palmer amongst them. Dad was in number 2 company 3rd GG in Malaya in 1949 – was your granddad there?


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