Album 1 Photos (7 of 58)

More photos from dad’s journey from England to Palestine to join his Battalion – 3rd Battalion Grenadier Guards – in 1946.

Some more photos of Naples and then Malta.

Naples 19461946 NaplesHJLMansellFA1P111946 NaplesHJLMansellFA1P11_00011946 NaplesHJLMansellFA1P11_00021946 NaplesHJLMansellFA1P11_00031946 NaplesHJLMansellFA1P11_00041946 NaplesHJLMansellFA1P11_00051946 NaplesHJLMansellFA1P11_00071946 NaplesHJLMansellFA1P11_0006

Then to Malta by 19461946 MaltaHJLMansellFA1P12_0003

I wonder what the Aircraft carrier’s name and nationality is?1946 MaltaHJLMansellFA1P12_00021946 MaltaHJLMansellFA1P12_00011946 MaltaHJLMansellFA1P12


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