Album 1 Photos (6 of 58)

Dad in Toulon southern France 1946 on his way to joint the third battalion Grenadier Guards in Palestine.

1946 HJLMansellFA1P91946 HJLMansellFA1P9_00011946 HJLMansellFA1P9_00021946 HJLMansellFA1P9_00031946 HJLMansellFA1P9_0004

This photo below interested me. Just look at the number of ships in port, many of which look like Navy ships. 1946 HJLMansellFA1P9_0005

Then on page 10 of the album dad has moved on to his next stop: Naples. These photos look like little post cards he maybe bought while there.

1946 NaplesHJLMansellFA1P10_00051946 NaplesHJLMansellFA1P101946 NaplesHJLMansellFA1P10_00041946 NaplesHJLMansellFA1P10_00031946 NaplesHJLMansellFA1P10_0002

This photo below just says Naples Italy Harry aged 18 Grenadier Guards.

1946 NaplesHJLMansellFA1P10_0006-Edit1946 NaplesHJLMansellFA1P10_0001


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