Album 1 Photos (1 and 2 of 58)

So here are the photos from pages 1, 2 and three of Family Album 1.

This is dad on a recruiting drive some around the late 1940s. The photos was taken by a Newspaper and nan Mansell wrote off to get a copy.


This below is a photo of granddad Mansell in India around 1911.


Both of these photos below were in the album. The first is a scan of the original image and the second is a scan of a older scanned image that was in the album. I much prefer the original [sic] – it can’t be original can it. However you know what I mean.


Here below is nan Mansell in 1921 aged 21. The stamp on the back suggests it was taken at Broadway Studios Hammersmith ?een Street.


This photo is an early one of dad. It’s undated but I reckon he’s anywhere between three to five and so it would have been taken around 1930-32.



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