Racism in Chichester


On a bright sunny August afternoon Karen and I watched and listened to a family as they were in turn subjected to, and subjected each other to, unfair discrimination.

Fiddler on the Roof is a really entertaining show and Omid Djalili makes a great Tevye and head of the fictional family I am referring to. It’s the issues raised in the show that really strike home: religious intolerance and oppression; the role of tradition in society; and gender politics are woven in this rather wonderful show.


What was also interesting was the audience demographics. The only Black person I saw was the car park guy: everyone else was white, and barring a very few exceptions Karen and I were the youngest by some margin. No conclusions were drawn from this, just the observation.

A great show…

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Meeting a big fat lady in Old Portsmouth

We met a new neighbour this week. She’s the biggest ship the Royal Navy have ever built.  As she made her maiden entrance into Portsmouth harbour at 7.10am on a rather dull Wednesday morning we began to get a sense of her size.

HMS Queen Elizabeth enters Portsmouth HarbourAugust2017

The crew do their thingAugust2017-2

The ship is impressive whatever angle it’s viewed fromAugust2017-3

We can see it from our flat – just. The row of helicopters centre left on this photo are parked on the ship’s deck. August2017-5

Of course this maiden entrance was made with something of a show.August2017

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Injuries and stabbings in Pompey

We’ve spent the last few weeks enjoying the summer and getting our flat in order. However things never seem to go smoothly.

I dropped some flat pack wood on Karen the other week – still the new furniture wasn’t damaged (although Karen’s leg was).Spinnaker Q-2

The offending furniture….Spinnaker Q

But we’ve also enjoyed the area as there is lots to do and see.

A view of our flat from the Spinnaker.Spinnaker Q-3

The summer holidays are here and the kids make the most of the location.Spinnaker Q-4

I still can’t get used to the views thoughSpinnaker Q-5

This past week we finished putting together some of the flat pack furniture while the weather turned.

New sideboardSpinnaker Q-6

New gate leg tableSpinnaker Q-7

Rotten weather and a police patrolSpinnaker Q-8

Oh – and I fell out of my wheelchair in the rain and Karen took the top of her thumb off with a knife.

Life hey?

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Gunmen in Portsmouth

As I wheeled across Guildhall Square in Portsmouth yesterday I saw a man crouched over a machine gun. He was quite hidden and under the trees in the far corner of the square, just between the Guildhall (built 1890) and the massive glass fronted City council offices. I wanted to investigate.


There were two single machine gunners. They looked slightly larger than life size and sat protecting a wall of names.Guildhall-3

The memorial could easily be missed as even though its large, it is bounded by a railway line, the guildhall, Council offices and the back of shops and so there is only a small opening on the corner of the square that alludes to its presence.


The memorial does not honour any particular corps, squadron or regiment. Rather it honours the role of Portsmouth Citizens who served in any of the three branches of the armed serviced and who paid the intimate price. One side of the central column honouring a particular Service branch with a relief.  Guildhall-4

We spent some time there. Karen found a number of family names that she will look up to see whether they are her kin.

We then re-entered 2017 and shopped in Commercial Road. I know which part of the day I preferred.

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Two years

Alex reminded me that the boys moved into their flat two years ago today.2 years

Since then dad has died
2 years-2

I’ve had a few operations including a Pacemaker fitted
2 years-6

Karen turned 60
2 years-5

We celebrated 35 years of marriage
35 Years (1 of 1)-2

I completed a Masters degree
2 years-4

And we bought a flat by the sea
Spinnaker Quay (2 of 4)

Of course there have been lots of others things take place, both good and bad. The biggest in terms of lifestyle have definitely been losing dad, the boys moving out and the partial relocation to Pompey.

Some periods in life little happens and then there seems to be massive bursts of change over quite limited periods. Alex’s text about moving out made this all the more obvious today.

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Four and half miles

As some readers will know we recently bought a flat in Old Portsmouth. We’re not rushing anything so each visit involves a little work getting the place how we want it and some time just relaxing and getting to know the area.

Up until now the front room is totally unfurnished and Karen makes do with a stool and a couple of canvas garden chairs. We have beds and, as of yesterday’s delivery from Ikea, bedside cabinets, a gate leg table and a sideboard. However we only made the former yesterday and so the rest of the furniture is still flat packed in its boxes.

We don’t have a TV or the Internet yet and so the day’s are very different to the ones spent in Beckenham. For  example, yesterday we were up early and so had bacon rolls  and tea for breakfast and then took a little wander to the Point and Bath Square to take in the sea air and watch and ships and fishermen before making  the bedside cabinets up.

BreakfastJune 2017 Portsmouth (2 of 2)

The day before was hot and so we decided to get to know the area a bit more so we walked to the local shopping centre at Palmerstone Road and then on to the Guildhall, then another shopping centre and then back.

The GuildhallJune 2017 Portsmouth (1 of 2)

Today we worked out that we’d walked and wheeled four and a half miles on the first day. I can’t remember when I last did that. The fact that Portsmouth is so flat is wonderful for a wheelchair user and the fact we are getting to know this place together makes the whole experience stimulating and exciting. Life is good just now….

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People, poses and places

We all like photos as mementos don’t we? When Alex and Ruhie visited for the weekend I took a typical couple of shots of them with Karen.

The first  emphasises them rather than the placeOld Portsmouth Portraits (1 of 3)

We then turned around and I took a shot that did the oppositeOld Portsmouth Portraits (2 of 3)

But this last image captures more of a sense of the day!Old Portsmouth Portraits (3 of 3)

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